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Microphone Techniques for Voice Talents

By using the right microphone technique you can achieve the best from your voice and give a true professional work for any project.

At the same time, with the proper microphone technique, you can help with your edition, mixing and production saving a lot of time and headaches by giving the best quality.

It's important for any Voice Talent how to avoid plosives, adjust dynamics and take the best from a microphone so that you can enhance your emotion in your recording.

How to Hire a Voice Over Artist

How and where to hire a Voice Artist can be a bit of a challenging process. Consider the fact that a Voice Artist is someone who reads the script and hence they could become a very powerful connector between you and your project with your audience.

The Voice Over communicates feelings, emotions, images and sensory experiences to your project. If this is your first time trying to get the right voice for your product then here are some guidelines for you.

When you decide to hire a Professional Talent is because you need someone capable of giving the feeling and message that you had in mind when you created the script. Your desired qualities of the voice for the project could be among male, female, mature, childlike… and so forth.